Working collaboratively with Nuclear NGOs to realise marginal gains

Posted by Lee Noble

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A common misconception that comes with working with a branding agency is that the creative process might be to simply throw ideas, recommendations and direction at our clients.

This, actually, could not be further from the truth.

We don't work in a silo. This arrangement isn't efficient due to the restriction it places on regular fluid contact, a stifling of the creative collaborative process as well as creating a stagnant environment. This all sounds pretty bleak, doesn't it?

Let's get positive. We treat each experience with our clients as an opportunity to learn, grow and improve through marginal gains and in order for us to do this, it is extremely important that we become an extended member of the client family, and vice versa.


Marginal Gains; what's that then?

The most simple way to explain marginal gains is to use the phrase "Every little helps" (thanks Tesco). It is the ideology that by incrementally improving small aspects of what you do, this will lead to an overall improvement in each particular area and consequently lead to an overall improvement in the grand scheme of things.

NGO marginal gains

And this was the exact process that we undertook with Nuclear NGO; The World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS). We found that aligning ourselves closely with the team over at WINS we were able to be become much more productive, the creative direction developed into strong constructive conversations and strategic decision making evolved favourably with each step of the process.

An example of this working pratice was working out the granular processes that need to be considered when amending an NGO website and preparing for GDPR. The process of working with WINS helped us to put together 13 steps and practical advice that NGOS could take to help comply with GDPR. 


It's good to disagree

At Project Simply we do what we do; put bluntly; because we love it. And it is this love that means we thrive in the discovery and creative process that goes with working with a client like WINS. We encourage healthy debate and honest vocalisation of differences of opinion, as this is what leads to decisons based on objectivity.

NGO discussion collaboration

With this in mind, it is this collaborative decision-making that allows us to make marginal gains in understanding our client and the best way for us to work internally. It's not cookie cutter, and should never be.


Seamless relationship leads to seamless understanding

The direct impact that this leads to can be seen with the positive effect with the WINS membership engagement. We wanted to help WINS to not only improve their branding and website but we wanted to do this through purposeful and measurable engagement of their membership base.

WINS NGO Website StatisticsThis entire process provided an excellent opportunity for us to review and optimise our processes for creating a website that not only looked professional and modern but achievd the objectives for  the people that would be using it the most; the WINS membership base, scholars and alumni.


Marginal gains challenges you to constantly improve

The moment you are standing still, you are going backwards. With constant technological advancements, improving design standards and increased user expectations, it becomes even more important to use marginal gains as a method of continuous improvement. With WINS, we wanted to make sure that as a team we would never stop getting better.


Once the brand work and website had been launched we have moved into a phase of iteration across web and print to better enhance member and stakeholder experience based on live feedback. As a result we can make these small changes that lead to a constant improvement over time.


Learn more about our WINS story

We worked closely with WINS to create something that worked beautifully for their members. We also want to tell the story of how important collaboration was in the search for success. Download our case study below to find out more.