Developing our own take on the England Football Kit

Posted by Lee Noble


It appears that when it comes around to a major football tournament, everyone jumps on the band wagon; creating content with spurious links to the Football in an attempt to get likes, shares and comments.

"9 Ways HR Managers Can Learn From The Success Of Jordan Henderson's Midfield Leadership" and the usual "How To Survive The World Cup If You're A Non-Football Fan" are two of the types of headings you are likely to see over the next few weeks.

Naturally we wanted to also get involved in the Football Hype but not by mimicking one of those loosely related links to show you how much of an industry influencer we are... but we just wanted to create something that's actually.. a bit cool.

Which football fan didn't design their own kit at least once in their life?! Here's our take on an uplifted design of the England Football Kit... and who knows it might be a basis for the European Championships in 2020 with that cheeky extra star in there!


Looks pretty good, right? Designed by our Senior Designer Christian Shannon he decided to incorporate the famous English Lion into the shirt design (made famous by the iconic "Three Lions (Football's Coming Home)" song... obviously... you know the one) to point out our optimism toward the idea that football is in fact, coming home. We wanted to go for something that was similar to the Mexican League team Pumas UNAM shirts that are widely renowned for their striking conceptual image of a Puma on their shirt

pumas-17-18-home-away-kits-1Pretty fearsome, right? So our first task was to create the overlay for the shirt.

Lion - Red

Lion - Blue














Christian designed the Lion motif to be incorporated into the shirt design and experimented with different colours to see which would create the most impacting visual but something not too overpowering.

The red version that we first tested appeared overly bold and too much red for what is supposed to be a white kit and we found the same problem with the blue version. We even tried to see what a gradient from red to blue (and vice versa) would look like but this created an awkward purple area in the middle of the shirt... and purple isn't a traditional England colour so we went for a grey effect to sit against the white background of the shirt and the result was... well see for yourself:

England-Kit---Chest-Close-UpWe love it... how about you? 

The next step was to decide on the shorts and socks designs. The decision we made was to go for the style of the 2008/2009 alternate kit showcasing a white shirt, blue shorts and red socks. We thought about a fully white kit but wanted to show off a little more colour! We then thought to overlay an extra lions head with the eye peeping just over the Nike Swoosh.


And then finally we come to the small addition of an extra star above the England badge. Displaying brash and brazen optimism, I insisted that Christian ensure that there were two stars above the badge to show tribute to the fact that Football, is coming home.

England-Kit---Badge-Close-UpSo from all of us at Project Simply... Come on England!